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  • Ghanaian Woman in Dialogue.
    Scene from Rockefeller Foundation's "Informal City Dialogues: Ghana"
  • Molecular Structure Generated by Computer.
    Scene from PBS's "Closer to Truth: What is Nothing?"
  • Komodo Dragon Close Up.
    Scene from XBOX Game Series "Walkabout: Komodo Dragon"
  • Sudanese Girls Skipping.
    Scene from the film "We Are the Ones" by Pendragwn Productions
  • Green Taxi in Bangkok.
    Scene from Rockefeller Foundation's "Informal City Dialogues: Bangkok"
Audio levels.

audio post production

Soundtrack design, mixing and sweetening, and voice-over recording by our experienced and award-winning sound engineer, Pete Penebre.

Location pin with sound waves.

location sound

High-quality audio recording on location for video and film production, with gear, expertise and Pete on the run.

Film strip with music notes.

score to picture

With musical versatility and a talented ear, our composer Adrienne Penebre creates unique scores with a sensitive and flexible approach.

featured project

"We Are The Ones"

an independent film by Pendragwn Productions



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